Who is Sok Enterprise?


Like many organizations, you may not have the resources or expertise to keep your steam and condensate system at peak operating efficiency. Through our technical support, knowledge and services, we’ll work with you to identify, design and implement improvements to your steam system, and then help you to maintain the resulting system efficiency gains.

We’re renowned for our high quality products and expert knowledge-but our offering now goes way beyond this. You can benefit from a complete and flexible of service that cover all your needs, we’ll supply an individual steam trap or complete new plan.


The inserted flame tube ends in an inner, which leads in to the first smoke tube pass. The first smoke tube pass and second tube pass are free of flow components. The functional round design ensure optimal pressure resistance. Furnace, water chamber volume, radiant and convective heating surface are perfectly dimension and matched to each other.

The boiler front door can be fully hinged, optionally opening to the right or left. This insures simple and easy maintenance, cleaning and inspection. The high quality mineral wool matting insulation over the entire boiler body and the special heat insulation material in the front door ensure that there is only a negligibly small radiant loss. The heat generator can already be fitted with an integrated flue gas heat exchange or condensing heat exchange ex works on request.