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Sok Enterprise Services

A Service Agreement may last from one to five years and can comprise a tailored range of planned maintenance services -you choose what you want to match precisely your budget and needs. Each agreement can also include unplanned service call-out days at a preferential rate and with priority over non-service agreement customer call-outs.

Service Agreement customers also qualify for preferential rates for spare parts and consumables.

Assured preventative maintenance helps to ensure smooth and efficient plant operation by reducing the risk of breakdown and costly downtime. It also maintains the highest levels of performance for reduced operational costs and adherence to H&S requirements.

Here are many services such as :

  • Construct Boiler and  Repair
  • Maintenance Industry
  • Pipe industry high pressure
  • Wood chips Machine
  • Cassava Planting machine
  • Cassava cutting machine
  • Dryer Cassava
  • Inspection, modify boiler from wood to coal
  • We can construct heat exchange to feed your needs